Data $30 110 Countries 1gb

International Travel SIM Data Bundles From $30

Global SIM Card works in 110 Countries flat rate or 220 Countries with simple & fair rates + total coverage

International Travel SIM Flat Rate From $30.00

Global SIM card works in 110 or 220 Countries at either a flat rate of 20 US Cents per minute, message and MB (or less with a data bundle)

International Travel SIM at Great prices from $30

Global SIM card that has you always connected in 220 countries at great prices. You can always switch this SIM to a flat rate option

The IC Service let us travel across Europe and parts of North Africa with the same phone, which we started using to arrange the holiday before leaving, and carry on using since we get back - its just so simple to use


The Service is unique in that it allows you peace of mind wherever you go, and a simple price in most of the countries we go to

Happy Customer

This service not only lets you call at a great rate everywhere and a simple rate in most places, but also lets you call all these places at the same rate; before while organising your trip, and when you are back so you can keep in touch - genius!

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Countries at Flat rate

Our Service covers more operators in more countries than our competition with a US and a UK number it gives global coverage and quality